More cooking!

Tonight I had about half an hour to do dinner for the family, so I resorted to The Blessed Nigel for inspiration. I had some Paul Rankin Irish sausages to use up, and some rather ropey looking salad ingredients. Nigel suggested a variation on his soothing pasta supper which I varied a little further.

I measured out penne along WW lines (3 oz per person – plus a bit extra for Ceej). That went into a pan of boiling water

I took the skin off three sausages, and crumbled them into a non-stick frying pan with a drop of olive oil. Actually, when I say crumbled, they were so meaty, they fell into nice little lumps, like mini meatballs. Hmmm….meatballs.

There were five ripe tomatoes on the windowsill, so I chopped those up, leaving the skins on because I can’t be faffed with all that peeling nonsense, and chucked them in with the sausage lumps. I also added the leaves from a good sprig of thyme and let everything simmer gently until the tomatoes disintegrated into a thick, mushy sauce.

The pasta was nearly done by this time, so I added a tablespoon of low fat creme fraiche, and gently heated everything through.

Once the pasta was ready, it was drained and mixed in with the sausage mixture. The rest of the dodgy salad veg went into a salad – well my creativity was about spent.

Mr P proved as appreciative as ever. Ceej did her usual mini-tantrum because it wasn’t one of the Approved Foods, but we persuaded her to nibble on a couple of penne, and she even chewed and swallowed a bit of sausage. That’s not bad…for Ceej