Cat photo story! How can you resist?

Bleargh. Insomnia strikes again. Actually, it’s the weekend, so I can just about cope with the late night/lack of sleep thing. Particularly as I got rather drunk over at an old friend’s new house on Friday night and this is probably the payback. Good thing Mr P was driving. And Ceej and I dozed off together at about 9pm, so I didn’t see Peter Schmeichel finally get thrown out of Strictly Come Dancing. Then Mr P came back from the gig in a very grumpy mood, and muttered about disagreements with party organisers, and ‘Peter’s’ cheesy links with extra reverb before dozing off. Well, I was awake by then.

Life News. Still with The Baron, but they’re only extending contractors’ contracts in three month increments, and I worked out that I’m doing about three times the work I was originally contracted to do for the same amount of money, and nobody is actually listening to a word I say when I tell them that the current technical/production setup makes no business sense whatsoever. I will have done two years with the Baron in April, and two years’ contracting in the same place is enough, I think. That’s the longest I’ve been anywhere since 2001, come to think of it. I don’t count the Uni because nine months of that was maternity leave, and I was already had the exit strategy well underway before I found out I was pregnant.

Ceej News. Getting increasingly cheerful and engaging as she learns new words and ways of putting them together. Her potty training is going pretty well, but there are still minor accidents every day. Apparently it took me twenty minutes, but I was the Wonder Child, according to my parents. Ceej is much more intense and concentrated than me. She can block out everything and focus on whatever she is doing. I can only do that when I’m reading or drawing, and heaven only knows when I get a chance to do that these days.


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