Yeah well, I’ve been busy.

Ceej’s thumb is healing nicely. The plastic nail has gone and a tiny new thumbnail is pushing its way forward.

The Rome gig went extremely well, and I managed OK on my own over the weekend, despite the badly burned hand.

Ah yes, the hand. Somehow my safety switch was on “Off” when I was swirling some oil around the wok a few weeks ago. The smoke alarm screamed, I jumped, so did the oil. And it landed on my thumb and first finger, splashing the middle finger as well. Probably foolish of me, but I didn’t fancy spending all night in Kings A&E again, so held it underwater for about half an hour while Mr finished cooking dinner, then covered the wound in yogurt and wrapped it in clingfilm. It hurt like buggery for a few days and the blisters were like something out of Dr Who, but I kept it bandaged up, and three weeks on the new skin has grown back. It just looks rather badly sunburned. Give it a few more months and nobody will notice.

We’ve had to cancel our holiday in Norn Iron because the boiler is finally on its last legs. Tonight a man from British Gas will come around to assess our needs and recommend a super-expensive condenser boiler with extra thermostats, if possible. Oh well…


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