In a quiet moment, I started worrying slightly about this “crack house law” that our community policeman mentioned. It sounds like a civil rights nightmare. I decided to Google about a bit.

I think the crack house law he refers to is a piece of proposed Home Office guidance that was shelved by the government in 2003. Helpful

So, according to the Home Office guidance for communities with drug problems,Crime Reduction Toolkits: Tackling Drug Related Offending , the police are limited to

  • raids (two already – nothing found);
  • surveillance (well they send a copper down the road every so often);
  • eviction (in process, apparently, but he’s got a new washing machine, so he’s bothered);
  • vulnerable tenant support (we’re too ‘affluent’ apparently);
  • and drug dogs…the cats will love that.

I suppose that’ll teach me to get hopeful. I really don’t know what we should do next.