God help me: I’m actually seriously considering a holiday at Center Parcs. Well, it’s great for kids, and there’s wildlife and stuff. And you don’t have to pay money to ghastly posh people who think that they’re doing feckless common townies a favour by charging a fortune for their airless hovel in the middle of a swamp; and then they expect you to buy their horrible “crafts”.

Well, it’s either Center Parcs, our old stomping ground, Portstewart, or Paz.


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  1. It’s embarrassing, actually, it’s not, but Center Parcs was one of the more fun holidays I had as a nipper. I could cycle everywhere, and shoot arrows. And they had a v. well stocked amusement arcade. It was 11-year old boy heaven.

    – Richard.

  2. I used to have the time of my life on PGL holidays shooting arrows very badly, tearing about in canoes, sailing, building dams…

  3. From last year’s Grauniad:

    Initial impressions weren’t encouraging; when the barrier lifted at the Elveden Forest holiday camp, I felt condemned to three days of organised fun in a giant enclosure. But by Saturday afternoon, after spending half an hour in the Japanese salt steam room in the spa while the four-year-old twins were dressing up as red Indians in their kid’s club and my pre-teen was making a movie in hers, I was quite enjoying myself.

    And when we jumped on our bikes for the last time to return them to the cycle centre, even the boyfriend admitted he felt rather, well … relaxed. The secret is that everyone is entertained. No one was too young, too old or too cynical: there was something for everybody, however awkward the size and shape of the family – and that’s very rare.

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