Favourite Charlie pic of the moment

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originally uploaded by Sladey.

Taken at our friend’s place in Norfolk at the weekend. Her son (also Charlie’s age) had a little car that she coveted greatly. Here she is trying to steal it in time-honoured Peckham fasion.

In other news, I’m actually enjoying going to the gym and – get this – working out a couple of times a week. And a couple of weeks ago I discovered that riding a bike is quite fun. As long as it’s on the flat. And I don’t go too fast. And there isn’t any traffic.

Crackhouse update: the neighbours are mustering. The community policeman has been alerted, and he’s taking statements that may lead to something called a crackhouse law being enacted. If that doesn’t work (and I have very little hope that it will), it’s time to start sharpening the pitchforks and building non gender-specific wicker effigies in the community garden.