The Sanctuary – the last refuge of a soundrel, has an excellent review of last night’s Breeders gig. Truly, it was awesome. I now have a very sore neck from all the frenzied nodding to the beat and jumping up and down that I did.

The support band were truly awful. Worse even than the alt-country outfit that graced the last Breeders gig we went to. Mr P had to force himself not to leap onto the stage and rip the guitarist’s Gibson copy from his neck.

Mind you, when the Breeders finally came on (hurrah!) we noted that Kelley plays (in the loosest sense of the word) a Gibson gold top, which is also Joey’s guitar . Mr P confirmed that his life’s ambition is no longer to be Test Match Special’s resident statto, but to be The Breeders’ guitar roadie.


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