Knit your own DNA!

Might try this after I’ve finished the Jumper of Destiny.

Finished the back of the Jumper of Destiny on Sunday. It’s got a strange uneven embossed line pattern that shows where I forgot which row I was on, plain or purl. The front may look more like the picture in the knitting book, but I’ve already forgotten where I was once, so maybe not.

Friends from Gormleyville came over for tea on Saturday, and then we all travelled up to Blackheath fireworks. They were quite spectacular, but so was the crowd, and we ended up walking as far as New Cross Gate before we could find a bus that would let us on.

This week sees another round of Scorpio friendsandrelations’ birthdays. Mum’s was yesterday: Lord Lonners’s is tomorrow. Mum’s celebrations were pretty low-key, but I’ve got a vague plan in my head to take her for lunch in the Tate restaurant after we have attempted to install some art in Ceej’s little brain at the Rousseau exhibition.