So, this job ad comes through on my job junk mail, and it looks quite interesting. I sent off the CV, and blow me down if it isn’t one of my old jobs all gussied up to look interesting, and with a half-decent salary to match. The agency person asked how I would feel about applying for an old job, and I said she was free to punt my CV over to see what happens.

She called the following day with ‘feedback’. This usually means that they don’t want to see me (not that it happens much, honest), and I was right.

Apparently the enormo global publishing company that owns the publication doesn’t do ‘re-applications’ as a matter of policy. That’s odd, because there must be two marketing managers with strangely similar names living in London then. The first was sacked a few years ago, and the second now appears to be back in her old job.

Oh well, they don’t want me, and I think it’s probably a lucky escape given the reports I’ve been hearing about that place. It seems like sour grapes now, but I probably wouldn’t have taken the job anyway, but it would have been nice to put the fear of God into the editor during the interview.