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Cromwell's house
Cromwell’s house,
originally uploaded by Sladey.

Thought I’d renew my old habit of having a thumbnail photo from my collection next to the blog entry.

September was a bit rubbish, to be honest. I had serious problems with LT over updating my Oyster card. I renewed my monthly card via the Oyster website, but somehow the payment got lost in the internet ether (am checking bank account daily to make sure it wasn’t diverted to some terrorist phisher type). After shouting at the Oyster call centre bloke, several ticket inspectors and an idiot station assistant at London Bridge who insisted that it wasn’t his problem, I called up the Oyster call centre to renew by phone. The call centre lady said I had to travel to London Bridge (nearest Oyster point from home) to activate the renewal, which I did. Only that payment had got lost too. I updated using the station kiosk and it worked perfectly so, the moral of that story is: don’t use the internet or Oyster’s phone lines to update your card. They’re crap and they don’t admit their crapness either.

I also made the mistake of telling the boss that I was bored, so there were shenanigans aplenty when he said I could do the job I was originally hired for, but the manager of the site who recruited me for the job decided that he doesn’t want me any more, so I got shunted along to another site. It’s all a bit low-level, and as I’m a scummy freelance there’s no point in shouting the odds over what I used to do once. Looks like I’ll just have to find something else to do in 2006.

FH2’s birthday party was lovely. We played cricket in the afternoon sun, and got constipated on processed food. Ceej nicked FH2’s new tricycle and battled with another little boy over various things. I don’t think she likes parties much either.

Mr P’s birthday was a success though. He took the day off and did Mr P things (talked bollocks, played guitar, slept…). On Saturday we went to Bluebell Railway again, where we met some other friends and ate cake. The one thing that really wound me up is the fact that they’ve kept the old class system alive. We jumped into a first class compartment, thinking our third class tickets were good, but then the conductor said we had to pay an extra £5 per adult or get off. I don’t mind paying an extra fiver for a comfortable journey to, say, Swindon, but a half hour train ride to Kingscote is not really worth the extra paid for a blue velvet armrest. We ended up travelling in a decommissioned 1st class compartment with two learning disabled adults and their carers.

Looked at a wooden Thomas the Tank Engine trainset for Ceej, but it was far too expensive.


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