Hey, it’s Wednesday! Time to update you on life in Peckham.

Everything has a kind of back to school feel this week. This morning there were many nervous moppets on the streets, dressed in their brand new burgundy uniforms, clutching their little plastic folders. Ceej still has a couple of years to go before we have to deal with that one, though I’m hoping she’ll get into a local nursery school.

Life seems to have calmed down a tad at the crackwhorehouse. N the GU neighbour says that the buildings housing the…ummm…activities are due for renovation in the next couple of weeks, and he reports that the pimps and their girls appear to have moved on, leaving the dealers in charge or something. One of our other neighbours is going to check whether or not we still have a ‘community policeman’. One was seen walking down our street about two years ago, but these days they seem to prefer travelling by car or big van.

Speaking of big vans, it appears that we’re in the middle of another ‘crackdown’. Every time there’s a big murder, we hear nothing but sirens and cars rushing about the place, cracking down on crime. There are lots of raids – especially at dawn – and Ceej is getting quite friendly with the horse patrols on the Canal walk. But all the crims do is lie low for a few months, then when everybody forgets about the murder, the police calm down a bit, and everything goes back to normal.

We took Grandad to Kent for his microlight lesson on Sunday. I would include pix, but he took the camera with him on the flight and wants to post the pictures himself. Some lovely aerial shots of Canvey Island…


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