Wreckless Eric: still alive and ranting about Chris Martin. Quite like the faux lo-fi-ness of this site.

The shooting at the Wood dene estate was a terrible, shocking incident, but not that much of a surprise, given the nature of things in East Peckham.

What annoys me is that Peckham kids are demonised again as little gangstas and psychos. Most of the Peckham kids that I know are gobby little buggers, but they’re still children. And like all children they can be nice, sensitive human beings if given the right attention. Trouble is, not enough people give them the right attention.

Ceej has been busy redistributing her viruses to us. The latest one laid us both low after a rather successful car boot sale in Bromley. The car boot subculture is a fascinating one: some people will pay anything for a load of old tut – but they still wouldn’t buy our digital satellite radio that we bought on impulse years ago and used twice. But they did buy nearly all our CDs and Mr P’s entire Zappa collection within seconds.


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