Back from the country

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Charlie wants to live here
Charlie wants to live here,
originally uploaded by Sladey.

Back from holiday in Norfolk. The North Norfolk coast is quite beautiful, though the inhabitants got on my nerves a bit. Lots of terribly well-off Londoners playing at being country folk in converted barns. Burnham Market was re-christened Dulwich-On-Sea within minutes of us arriving. Our flat (owned by the National Trust) was charming, and well-equipped, and very comfortable – aside from the too-soft beds and dodgy electrics.

We met up with Future Husband No. 1, though Ceej was feeling rather poorly and threw up about two minutes before the meeting. FH1 was briliant: with a lovely cheeky smile and his mother’s eyes. Ceej watched him with great interest, and mild dismay. She’s bigger than him, but he’s just as stubborn and clever.