Should really post here more often, but I’ve been majorly busy and unable to get anywhere near a non-work computer for more than 10 minutes.

So, the Cornwall pix are on Flickr (see below) and on Photobox. You can also see pictures of our day out at Ely on Flickr. There are a couple of nice moody shots.

What else? I was ambused by barmy BeneFit ladies in Boots and persuaded to buy loads of make-up, which I slapped on for Ceej’s blessing on Sunday. She behaved impeccably, and my cousin took a couple of lovely pictures of her being paraded around the church by the lovely vicar. They’ll get posted soon…

Mark and I are scaling back on the Easties Updates. They were becoming too much of a chore, and we want to cast our net a little wider with a new blog on general TV stuff. Trouble is, now that I don’t have anything specific to write about, I don’t know where to start. I started something on Family Makeover TV but it ended up being Not Funny At All.

Oh yes, speaking of funny, apparently a friend is writing a sitcom.