In my life, interviews are like no. 12 buses. You do all the right stuff, wait for ages, start contemplating the windows of Brook Street, then three come along at once. So, this morning it’s

10am: interview for 3-6 month contract with big news agency – probably working on their financial feeds side writing online help stuff. I used to do that at the FT, for less than half the money they’re offering now.

12pm: interview with agency who got my CV yesterday, and punted it straight out to…

2pm: …this local government place for a six-month content editor post. They want to see me today, and it’s in the same part of London as the campus I used to work on. It’s very quiet out there. I’m hoping it’s because we’re nearing the end of the financial year, and people are waiting to see what kind of budget they have next year. Otherwise my holiday in April will be a bit longer than I bargained for.