Thought a couple of nice picture from the Bluebell Railway day might be fun to look at. Posted by Hello


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  1. As adorable as ever I see!

    BTW the post removed on my blog was about a complete stranger who was an unwanted houseguest (who had started off being wanted – I wasn’t to know they would turn out so poisonous) but who took and took from us and then invited themselves to stay longer without asking us first because that was useful for them. We then agreed they could stay a couple more days but after this they had to leave – this triggered them to bitch about me to others saying how nasty I was.

    Anyway, the next day they proposed living with us (apparently my personal failings aren’t a barrier to their living in my house) and when I said no they hit the roof and subjected us to an hour and a half of yelling and abuse. Then they stayed another few days with a liberal use of emotional blackmail and threats and then eventually went off to freeload off someone else.

    The difficulty stemmed from the fact that they are my brother-in-law to be and in addition to the immediate nastiness, they have been informing my mother and father-in-law to be (and the rest of their family) about how we hurt them and imobilised them at their time of need. And unfortunately their mud appears to be sticking. *sigh*

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