This bike was left in our path on the way to the childminder’s a few days ago. I moved it out of the way. The next day, the bike appeared again in exactly the same place.

Ceej had her 12 month checkup from the health visitor yesterday. Apparently the child is a motor-skills genius, and her language/noisemaking skills are quite advanced too (the game we play where Ceej makes a noise, I copy it, she makes another noise…and so on is good, apparently). The health visitor thinks her hips might be a bit lopsided, so Ceej is being referred to a paediatrician for a more detailed checkup. She’ll like that.

She was fascinated by the assistant’s little gadget for measuring her feet on Saturday, and loved the little blue shoes we bought for her. She keeps waving her feet in the air so she can admire them, like a proper grown up.