Wellstyled colour scheme tool. Good for site design (and coming up with colour schemes apart from my usual pick-a-shade-of-green). The tool shows you what a scheme would look like to people with varying degrees of colour blindness.

NY resolutions beginning to form in my head

  1. Sort career out (again)
    Freelancing is fine, but I get bored working way below my level. I need something that is flexible, interesting, challenging, and hopefully nothing to do with Microsoft.
  2. Now that the weight’s off, try to keep it off.
    I’ve got about another 7lb or so to go, and then I’m at what I consider to be a respectable weight. Then the real challenge is to stay that way.
  3. Set up community blog and forum
    Not quite sure what form this will take, but I should make the time to work it all out. This means that a couple of other things will have to take a backseat (like the H22 web site, sorry dear), but this is a really meaty little project, and I think I would enjoy it.
  4. Househousehousehouse! Rewiring in hallway. Get glory hole transformed into proper storage space. Revamp desk area. Keep clutter down.
    Speaks for itself, really.

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