Bad Brutha talks to Little Orphan Annie about her nearly drugs hell and gets her to promise not to tell anybody about it ever, then takes a slug from his hip flask. Meanwhile Yolande is estatic about the Kwik E Mart. TriniDad doesn’t like BB drinking at dawn – the man who ran an illegal still offering drinking advice to his son…say something BB! BB is invited to a posh meal to celebrate the expansion of the Trueman empire – perhaps they’re going to force the foster kidz to work 24 hours in the shop or something.

Byrite tries to tell Minty off for being late for work, but Minty says: “I don’t have to explain myself to you, husband of ex-boss, so get out of my way, loser.” Byrite asks Sham what’s going on, and Sham says she needed the money to pay off her account at Karen Millen.

JoJo asks Rainman not to tell anybody about Crazy Jo Jo Ma, and spends the rest of the day being ‘good’. Nobody believes her. JoJo: sad.


“You’ve got to tell O-Den” “I know, but not yet”. “Tell O-Den before Teen finds out and goes psycho on me. You’ve seen what she’s like”. “Yes yes…later…”. Denman decides to leave town. You can’t do that! At this rate all we’ll be left with is Keet from Boyzone and Wellard. Anyway, Shazz has a conversation with O-Den that goes something like:

Shazz: “Daaad, you know when you pretended to be dead all those years, but you were really in Spain. Did you miss me at Xmas”

O-Den: “Yes Princess. But I couldn’t come back because of Mad Frankie Knuckles…remember?”

Shazz decides to go public. Oh at last…and stops Denman from leaving.

Gordon Gekko Spencer won’t let the chip shop assistant have Christmas Day off, and yammers on about leveraging the appropriate level resource in order to meet Service Level Agreements in the Piscatorial Nutrition Division. Ian tells him to get a grip

Pat tells Rainman that she’ll be spending Xmas alone and unloved. Rainman invites her chez Slater. Big Mo strops about and says they’ll need a bigger turkey.

Bad Brutha decides that his future does like in the legitimate retail sector after all, and tries to jack in the drugs thing. Byrite is already cross because the Mitchell Empire is being sold from under his feet, and menaces BB. Anyway, BB can’t leave because he’s in too deep or something, and Byrite will do something really really nasty like…oh I don’t know…shave his eyebrows off… On his way to the posh meal, a couple of police officers sas BB and find lots of droocks.


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