More insomnia. Been suffering a lot from that recently, and I don’t know if it’s work-related or general end of year malaise. Still it’s better than last year, when I was huge, depressed about the future and snapping poor shop assistants’ heads off.

So I’ve got the headphones on with the Beta Band’s last album, and I’m not going to worry about it being 4am.

Ceej’s 11 monthiversary was a great day. We spent the morning tidying up, hoicking the tree out of the glory hole and looking for Xmas lights. The decorated old faithful Woolies tree looks not-at-all shabby with its cute lights and lovely decorations. We’re still in negotiations over tinsel. I’m not keen because our tinsel is ropey beyond belief, and I want feather boas like one of my online friends.

In the afternoon we met up with our Mrs Burgh Island’s stepdad, who owns a Routemaster bus, and drives it around for various charity dos in his spare time – I didn’t ask if he goes off on picaresque romps around Europe with Melvyn Hayes, Una Stubbs and his groovy band. Stepdad dresses up as Santa once a year and takes assorted friendsandrelations and their children around London on a Christmas Lights tour. It was the best fun, and the Incredibles-themed Regent St lights are the best this year. Pictures will have to wait because I used the Leica, which is a film camera. Good thing I did too. Santa’s digital camera broke, and I used up a few shots on the kids getting their presents from Santa. Even the sulky teenagers were caught having a good time.


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