Online pal in Dublin has been keeping this a bit quiet, then she foolishly mentioned it in passing. Hahahah!

Leedy has plans for a January detox that I just know will last about a week before she’s back on the Guinness. However, if she succeeds, I have promised to send her a big pot of plum jam.

By the way, it’s official: motherhood and dieting have turned me into a complete lightweight in more ways than one. At the office bash on Friday I had a glass and a half of wine, a pint of bitter, and three fags. I had to leave at 6pm because I felt a bit queasy, and managed to completely empty my stomach somewhere in Camberwell (well, it’s not like they’ll notice).

Now under 10st and Weightwatchers have cut my sodding points allowance to 18 per day. Notwithstanding that I’ve regularly come in under 18 points in the past, the fact that I had those two lovely, extra points to play with made the starvation more bearable.

Young colleague on H22 gig in January:

“Is it a load of jazz wank?”