Maybe the planets are realigning or something. People from my past seem to be cropping up at the moment. the draGnet v4.0 :: Miss K, transgendered z-list celebrity, who I found on a surfing session, used to be the art director at an interactive agency I helped set up many years ago. The former creative director of said agency has just started work in the same department as me at the civil service. My cousin, who barely remembers to send Christmas cards, is reading my blog…all very odd.

Former CD was a fountain of catch-up gossip, after we’d both got over the shock of seeing each other. The funniest snippet was the rumour that Posie’s nemesis is now retraining as a plumber in Brighton. Told her about my first six months of motherhood, and it must have sounded really bad because she gave me a hug. Didn’t even managed to get around to the saga of the washing machine.

At home, nursing a cold that the young ‘un kindly shared with me. I think I brought it on yesterday with a trip to Rigby & Peller to get my post-pregnancy chest measured (should have been at Pilates, but didn’t want to spread the germs). R&P was posh, but pleasant, in an all-girls-together genteel changing room kind of way. Two very nice ladies reassessed my droopiness and fitted me up with a boulder holder and two rather pretty lacy numbers in a size I would never have dreamed of trying. My new 1950s Playmate figure (still got half a stone to lose, but we’re getting there) is a marvel to behold, and I’m standing so much straighter already.

Loony neighbour has started on the loud R&B through a cheap stereo again. In two minds about calling the housing association because she’s obviously crackers, but otoh that doesn’t mean she has the right to wreck my hard-won sanity.


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