Possibly the nicest site that I’ve seen for a while.

I’ve just moved my desk at work so that I didn’t have the office TV flickering in my peripheral vision. But I had to turn around and look. The BBC is covering Arafat’s funeral in Ramallah. The helicopters have just touched down in the Arafat compound, greeted by thousands of waving Palestinians, hanging off rooftops: lots of shots being fired in the air, the crowd surging foward…security forces vainly trying to hold the crowds back. Arafat’s successor is trying to get the crowd to stand back, but I don’t think he’s having much success. Given that the Palestinian people are reported to be mourning more out of respect than love, this is impressive.

A bunch of brats from the local school just threw a firework across Vauxhall Bridge Road, then stood about laughing and blowing kisses at us.


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  1. Yes it is. I did compose a little message for you but, for reasons best known to my computer it sent them into cyberspace (or up its own arse). And this is after having logged onto a website that registered me as a blogger. The lads at the Swan will be impressed when I tell them tonight!
    I have yet figure out how to get back the website to create my page but its early days yet.
    Apropos nothing in particular I was in Germany during the middle of the week. None of the Germans had any idea what the poppies worn by the Brits signified. There was not any mention of armistice, 2 minutes silence etc etc. Collective or race amnesia I suppose.
    On disputes have you re-established diplomatic relations with Mother yet? Mine is on a long cruise with her fancy man squandering my inheritance (again).
    Hope you are all keeping well.

  2. Detente has been established with Mother, thanks to Ceej getting older and quite interesting. We still have to trudge over to her house in the posh part of Peckham, though. She doesn’t like where we live.

    To create a blog you need to click on the orange blogger symbol and enter your login details. They’ll walk you through from there.

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