Pensions man came over today and sorted through my four (count ’em) dormant/semi-dormant pensions. I’ve signed the letters of authorisation, and he’s going to check out the transfer values, penalties etc, and maybe I will actually understand what is going on one day. Then there’s the endowments. If I surrender the Scottish Life one, we’ll have enough to pay my credit card debts and wipe the slate clean on the debt front. If I could find the bumf on the Standard Life endowment, I think we could possibly afford a deposit on a half-decent car if we surrendered that one too.

Then there’s this Prosperity4 business for IT freelancers. So much admin! But it has to be done. I don’t like waving my arms around and shouting: “but I’m CREATIVE” because it’s better to have these things sorted than not. Which is probably the attitude that led to me getting landed with the crappy boring jobs.

Posie and I are thinking of doing a sewing course at the London College of Fashion: the kind of thing you used to learn at school about adapting patterns, sewing seams straight, putting darts in. Making a couple of cushion covers (to replace some nasty chi chi things that some friends-who-went-weird presented to us one Christmas) has sparked off a hitherto dormant sewing bug. Mother will be pleased.