Interviews over and done with.

Interview 1: they’d made up their mind already and it wasn’t me. Some people don’t realise that the interview is a two-way process.

The receptionist at Interview 2 first told me I wasn’t supposed to be there. But it was a really interesting job and I liked the setup and the people (when I finally managed to convince the receptionist that yes, I was supposed to be having an interview, but with the person whose name I gave, not with the people she decided were interviewing me).

Interview 3 was good as well. The receptionist knew who I was at least. But I did make the mistake of mentioning Problem Woman (now no longer a problem, apparently). And maybe I was a little sarcastic when I refused to give out of date URLs for sites I haven’t worked on for years, and pointing out that having a baby tends to divert one’s attention away from Dreamweaver for a few months, hence the 10 month-old URL. However, I do admit that there are mistakes all over the UoG web site, and it’s slowly slipping into its former chaos, but I managed to keep a pretty tight rein on things when I was there…honest!

Job no.2 – the “oh OK I’ll do the interview if you really want me to” one – is turning out to be the most interesting so far.

Interview 4 next week. Then we have to call a temporary halt because our lovely lovely childminder is on holiday, and I can’t take Ceej to interviews.


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  1. Good luck with the job hunt. Don’t suppose you got a Palace replica shirt with ‘Chrystal Palace’ on one of the emblems? My brother’s got one. I want to laugh at him but it’s kind of a collector’s item. Actually, I did laugh a bit.

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