I watched the highlights (and there were many) on ITV today, but what I couldn’t understand was the presentation ceremony and the silverware. We won the playoffs, not the league. What was that dirty great cup presentation session for? And why was Harold from Neighbours handing out the medals?

Do I really care? Not about the presentation ceremony (which seemed like an excuse for a sponsor junket). But I’m overjoyed that Palace are finally back in their rightful home: the lower reaches of the Premiership. I just hope that Jordan and Dowie don’t blow their Premiership bonus on a couple of pricey “stars” at the expense of our talented younger players. Palace has a great youth policy that has produced not only great players, but also one of the most promising young managers of the Premiership today. We should emulate Charlton’s steady progress, and not try to race to glory too quickly: it’ll just send us crashing back down into the Nationwide league again.