What a week!

Last Friday we received an offer on the flat for slightly less than the asking price. The couple buying are key workers who can’t afford the full whack, and I liked them, so we said yes.

This started us looking in earnest. We’ve been checking out properties on the web since last year, when we saw lots of places in Nunhead/Peckham. Trouble is, most of the mid-priced (only quarter of a ?million!) 3 bed places are being snapped up by buy-to-letters within seconds of going on the market. That leaves us with 2-beds, jerry-built ex-council or some dodgy mortgage deal from Hell to buy a small mansion in Camberwell.

Then I got in touch with a small, local agent in New Cross who had two houses on her books. We saw the first one – very reasonably priced and with nothing discernably wrong with it, apart from slightly dated decor, a lot of skim-coat plastering, and a slightly daft, outdated kitchen. It also backs onto the railway, but has a lovely secluded little garden teeming with wildlife. It’s even got a back parlour that would serve as the ideal study/music room. We made an offer. The nice vendor accepted, and it’s all going through.

That was yesterday. I then saw a slightly more expensive property that I also liked, but we’re sticking with the railway house for now.