Well strike me pink and call me Gerald.

Yesterday morning we got a call from a bloke, claiming that he had a washer dryer to deliver. Mr P took the call, and didn’t find out who it was from. We started disconnecting the defunct washer dryer, got into trouble with the stopcock (fnarr), and then the doorbell rang. On the step was a man from “Hotpoint Logisitics”, with an Indesit washer dryer. I could have been bloody-minded, but I politely explained the situation (meanwhile I could hear Mr P struggling with the hot water feed hose and swearing). The nice man shrugged and returned the washer dryer to the lorry. I found the stopcock.

Then he and his mate picked up the washing machine, and now we have a very dusty hole where our laundry facility used to be.

Emailed Comet about this later, and got another apology, plus an assurance that my refund is in the “refunds” queue. Well, it’s not there yet.