Well, apparently the French Godbothering tenant has moved out. However, he left his room in such a state that the landlord has to throw everything out and repaint it.


Time to call Comet again.”We are currently experiencing high call volumes…etc” and it’s back to that faux Shakatak tune.

Oh, here we go. Apparently Lesley doesn’t know who Angela is. Explain briefly again. “Bear with me, I’ll see if it’s been passed up to second line. One moment please”.

I should find out how much this is all costing me.

I checked the delivery slots. The nearest they can do is Monday. If I can’t get a Monday replacement, then I want my money back.

It’s now 10am and the line has gone very quiet. I don’t even know if I’m still connected. Where’s Shakatak?


I’m being passed through to the Investigations team who are dealing with it, apparently. Oooh! Fancy! We’ve even got Vivaldi hold music. I must be going up in the world.

I’m speaking to Lucy. Yes I did send an email. A very stroppy, angry email. More questions about why it’s not working, and how old it is. One week old today!!

Apparently there might be somebody dealing with this on the email team, and she has to check that they haven’t done anything with it. More ominous silence.

It’s 10.07. Mark is dealing with it. They have to email Merloni (Indesit) and wait for a reply. OK, time to explode again.

Two weeks’ washing…small baby…having to wash by hand and it’s raining…not interested in their processes: I want a replacement or my money back. Now.

Lucy promises to get back to me, but she has only just been made aware of the problem. I make sure she has my phone number, and tell her if I don’t hear from her by the end of the day, I want my money back and I’m going to another supplier.

Looks like I’d better sort out a service wash. Baby sick is one thing, but I’m not washing Mr P’s smalls by hand.


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