I’ve been having so much fun with both Indesit and Comet customer support, decided to share my experiences with you. So, let’s start at the very beginning: a very good place to start

Last Wednesday I had a new washer dryer delivered and installed by Comet. On first use, the programme dial rotated madly, water started pumping in, and then nothing. No lights, no pump. Nothing. Luckily I managed to retrieve the laundry inside. I called Comet, who told me to call Indesit directly to arrange for a service engineer, who visited me yesterday (Monday).

So, that’s five days without a working washing machine.

The service engineer spent two hours working on the machine, then told me that he needed an extra part that wouldn’t be delivered until 14 May, and I probably couldn’t get a replacement until 18 May. That’s over three weeks without a washing machine. I called Comet to cancel the order and arrange to have the broken machine taken away. Comet told me that they would need an “uplift number” from Indesit. Several calls to several different numbers later, Indesit informed me that the relevant department was closed, could I please call back tomorrow.

That’s six days without a working washing machine. Here’s what happened today


Yesterday the nice lady at Indesit gave me this number for the correct helpdesk:

08706 242 7665

I dial: I get “number not recognised”. Several attempts later, I give up and…


I dial 08706 070805, and select Option 4 – for “all other queries”. Apparently this is where I made my first mistake. I was put on hold…


The operator took my postcode and house number. I explained the situation. He asked if Comet had told me to call. I said, yes they had. I am transferred to the helpdesk


The helpdesk say it’s not something that this helpdesk can help with. I am transferred to the 90-day helpdesk


Apparently it’s not a 90-day helpdesk problem. He tells me that he can only book service engineers and prepares to send me back from whence I came. I tell him that they sent me to him. Blank. He puts me on hold again. Returns to say that I should go back to the 90 day helpdesk. Apparently he isn’t the 90 day helpdesk after all. OK. Back to the 90-day helpdesk


An Eastern-European-accented lady tells me I’m still at the Service Centre, but they get to spillover from the 90 day helpdesk calls. I ask to be put back on hold for the 90 day help desk


This time I get a senior adviser. She says that she can’t actually put me through to the 90 day helpdesk, and could I please call the first number and press option 1. I ask her why three other operators have put me on hold. Have I just been passed around because I’m a problem customer? Is that good customer service? Why is everybody giving me different numbers, half of which don’t work? She repeats her script, and somehowI can tell she’s not happy. I finally get another number off her, and a promise to take up this at their next customer service meeting “if we have one”. The things you have to put up with for an extra £2.50 an hour eh?

This, apparently, is the number for the 90 day helpdesk..

08709 066066


Oh no it isn’t. It’s the parts helpline. I’m given another number

08706 080702

A slightly familiar voice tells me that all the systems are down, and I should call back in the next hour. Then hangs up.

OK then, let’s try Comet


08705 425425 Option 3

Apparently I should be speaking to the Internet department on 01482 592 567. After a while on hold, a voice comes up and asks me to try later

The baby starts crying.

Back to Indesit


08706 080702. Number not recognised


08706 070805.

The old faithful number works. This time I leave the options blank because Ceej is wriggling too much. Put through to ?, who tells me that I should redial and press Option 2.


“Thank you for calling Indesit Customer Services. All the advisers are in conversation at the moment. Please try later”.


“Thank you for calling Indesit Customer Services. All the advisers are in conversation at the moment. Please try later”.

One last try with Comet before I feed the baby


Another “please try later” message

Time to take a break, tidy the house, feed the baby, check emails etc.

From here on, this is a live account. I’ll try to type what happens, as it happens. Hopefully it won’t take long.



Let’s try 08706 070805 again. “All our agents are currently engaged in conversation. Please call back later. Thank you.”

08706 080702 – line dead

OK. Back to Comet


01482 592 567

Thank you for calling the Customer Information Centre. All our agents are busy. Please try later…”

Then some stuff about opening hours and a plug for the web site.

I’m checking out John Lewis in the meantime


I decide on a Hotpoint w/d. It’s a bit more expensive, but there is a 2 year guarantee and free delivery.

Nice young man at JL Direct suggests I call the Oxford St branch direct to get a delivery in under 2 weeks.

Free delivery service. £30 to reconnect new machine. Can deliver Mon or Tue – will get back to him on that one.

Back to Comet


08705 425425

I’m still tempted to get Option 3. So I press it.

Then Option 4 (unhappy with service?)

“all our service advisers are engaged. Sorry for the delay”. Why have they cut this Mozart piece to the first 24 bars and the last 16 bars?

Call head office

Option 4 then option 2


I need to call Head Office. Call 08705 425 425 again, then press option 4, then option 2

“We’re currently experiencing a high volume of calls…your call is important etc etc” ooh…new hold music.

Finally I get through to a different operator and explain my problem

“Can’t replace it until an engineer has come out”

“An engineer has come out. He replaced two parts and had to order another part which will take two weeks. That leaves me without a washing machine for three weeks and I have a three month-old baby. I’d like the machine either replaced or removed in the next couple of days, please.”

“Can I have your postcode? And your name please? I’ll just put you on hold while I look into the problem.”


“I need to check something but the system’s down. Can I check your contact number? OK, my name’s Angela. We’ll look into it straight away for you and get back to you today”

Now, how long will I give her


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