Last week’s halfway reasonable weather has given way to sunny but bloody freezing weather. I called off a lunch date today because I didn’t fancy shivering at a bus stop with a frozen, grizzly baby attached to my chest. She’s sleeping in her cradle at the moment, and I’ve got the tumble dryer on 11. Oh the life of a busy housewife, eh?

My first Mother’s Day was a blast. No breakfast in bed, but Dad turned up with almond croissants, and played with the baby until she needed a nappy change. We got an update on the life of the internet dating monster: he’s finished with one prospective girlfriend, and he’s lining up a few more dates. Apparently 40 and 50something women think he’s gorgeous. Tsk. Later we took Ceej over to Granny’s. Granny cooked lunch and looked after Ceej while we went to see Starsky and Hutch. Good movie – not a great movie, but a very pleasant and funny way to pass an hour or so. And at £2.99 a ticket, I don’t mind going to see silly films. I do like the Multiplex. It’s obviously run by good businessfolk who love films. The flat rate for tickets is inspired, and the nightly 7pm “art movie of the week” slot is a genius move. You can come off the train, nip into Bar Story for a quick drink, then saunter over to the Multiplex for the night’s showing.

There’s trouble at the forum. I’ve been getting increasingly irritated by one poster who the others think is a harmless old buffer. I think he’s a malicious git, and I can barely tolerate his presence. I think I need to take a break before this thing takes over my life.