Halfway reasonable weather! Yay! I can put some washing on the line!

Much talk in the US about how the Spanish elections were in fact a victory for Al-Quaeda. I can see their logic, but I think Al-Q’s leaders would have twisted any result to make it a “victory for Al-Quaeda”. Sometimes I think that the US government still thinks that socialism is a greater threat to democracy than Islamic fundamentalism.

The former government was hoisted on its own lying petard when it immediately blamed ETA despite the rest of Europe (ok, the BBC) saying: “No warning; wholesale death and destruction; carefully synchronised simultaneous blasts designed to confound the emergency services; transport-related incident. ETA’s most violent blast killed a fraction of the people this one killed, and you still think it’s ETA?” Then the information relating to video tapes from Al-Q functionaries actually admitting to the blast, the arrests… at least the Spanish had a viable alternative to their government. Our alternative is the party that helped get us into this mess in the first place. So I’m stuck with voting for a party that took my country to war on a false premise.