new Ceej picPosie came over yesterday for a pre-ECT treatment visit. She enlightened me about the real conditions at the Priory (not good, and certainly not the NHS), but wasn’t able to give me any dirt on celebrity nutters. Pity. I think she could have given Adam Ant a run for his money. She scores very highly in their “who’s the maddest person in the room” tests, but still manages to function normally and maintain a reasonable demeanour. Unlike some of the other inmates, who she says are completely cracked. Maybe the other inmates embrace their madness and hide behind it. Posie’s fighting it all the way.

new Ceej picAnyway, she met Ceej and they got on like a house on fire. Ceej was a bit tired, having spent most of Sunday either trying to keep herself awake, or suffering loudly from wind. Then Posie came along, chatted to her like an old friend, and Ceej was completely won over. She gurgles a bit when people talk to her, so while they were chattering I took a few pictures. Posie reckons that this is one young lady who has plenty to say for herself already, and god help us when she actually does start talking. And all in a south London accent too.

Met up with an internet friend in town on my first day away from Ceej. Well, it was nice not to have to worry about anybody else for a few hours, but I started missing her fairly soon after I got off the bus. Consoled myself with a new pair of trendy Asics trainers and a raid on Uniqlo.


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