Ceej ready to go outOh dear, is it the end of the month already?

So, what has happened to my Alan Bennet-ish compulsion to keep a daily diary? Well, I have to confess, I decided to try and crack this motherhood thing instead. The scars are healing nicely, and it doesn’t hurt when I stand up any more. I can even sling her into the Baby Bjorn for an hour or so without major repercussions. Ceej is settling into a fairly regular feeding/sleeping/playing up for Daddy when he comes home from work routine, and I’m starting to get very bored with being housebound. We have our six week check on Tuesday, and hopefully the doctor will say that I can start exercising properly again. I’m already planning adventures, where I sling her into the Baby Bjorn, jump on a bus into town with a changing bag full of bottles and spare nappies, and after the adventure maybe try to meet Mr P or Mother at work so they can parade Ceej around the office.

Being housebound is another excuse for not writing the diary. I can’t comment on the woeful state of public transport as soon as the thermometer goes below zero because we’re all snug and happy in the living room all day. Well, I read the papers, but my brain is somewhat atrophied by having to think about nappies and bottle feeds all day. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself. Some women never recover their full brainpower after childbirth.

Some very nice news is that a close friend of ours is near to the end of her first trimester. I’m trying not to cluck over her and smother her with advice, but I’ve started saving up Ceej’s old sleepsuits and wee vests.

Our other big news story is that we bought an ancient Volvo 340 GL last week. The idea of using public transport for long journeys with a baby was too frightening even for a couple of hardened bussers like us. Mr P had his first refresher lesson with my dad today. I expected it to only last for about half an hour. Two hours later he came bouncing back into the house, picked up his guitar and told me that Dad was going to supervise him driving down to a band meeting in Crystal Palace, and then drive the car back. I think that might be the furthest he’s driven in over 16 years.

Granny P came to visit yesterday – only Ceej was in a bit of a bad mood, so I don’t know how well she thought the visit went. We discovered that Mr P has a gay cousin who nobody likes to talk about. Apparently he kept losing his underpants and liked dressing up in his sister’s clothes. Then he went into the Navy…which says everything, apparently.


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