Just thought I’d blog the NCT site. It’s got some quite common-sense advice on babycare that I’ll need to refer back to.

Madam got her first Baby Gap outfit last night from our friends N&R. It was also our first halfway grown up evening since the birth. N&R are lovely, relaxed company, so we just drank wine, ordered pizza and passed Ceej around for cuddles while watching I’m a Celeb…

R is quite broody and has a thing for babies’ nappy-clad bottoms. I’m going to have to watch her. Weirdo. Apparently her sister (our girls were born within about a week of each other) has been abducted by aliens – when I met her, she was sneaking drinks, cadging fags and generally not being impressed by this pregnancy lark. Now all she wants to do is breastfeed and bake cakes. I’ve heard this happening to previously sane women before, but I seem to have escaped most of that. I tried actually cooking something last night and had to give up when Ceej decided to throw a tantrum