Due date came and went without much incident. Well, I had a show on Friday/Saturday, and a long contraction on Friday morning, but not much since then. It feels like Madam has moved into position now, and it’s just a matter of waiting, waiting, waiting.

The weather’s been horrible; maybe she knows this and has decided to stay put until it improves a little. Mother went out and bought some dear little baby clothes yesterday, as well as cot stuff for the refurbished family cot that’s over at her place. So, looks like we’re in for another week of hanging about, contemplating my hideously swollen right foot/leg, and frantic nesting activity.

The flat is spotless, but now that we’ve moved the computer out into the hall alcove, I’ve started hating the colour of the walls. The bathroom definitely needs a new coat of paint (in a slightly less turquoisey blue), and I think I want to repaint the hall in a sunnier colour than lavender (which is sooo Changing Rooms 2003). Maybe I should have a play on the Dulux site