Did I mention that we didn’t even get an honourable mention in iGuardian Unlimited | Special reports | The best of British blogging?

The winner in the Best Writing category was Belle de Jour a prostitute’s online diary. It’s an entertaining account of a working girl’s life. She doesn’t appear to be one of the poor skinny little wretches you see hanging around certain streets, but what Hollywood producers might dub a “high class call girl”, working for an agency. Which means she is brainy and sophisticated and the sex is all safe and consensual – a bit like dirty talk with your best friend’s mum. That’s if it’s true. My experience of porn writing is fairly limited, but the writing up of the sexual encounters are a bit Readers Wives, to be honest. But then maybe it’s just too hard to write about sex in a non-generic way.

Do I think she deserved it? Yes: about as much as we would have done if we had won it. But then, we’re writing jokey commentaries on a soap opera for our friends, not documenting the mundanities of a life that many people fantasise about – with a bit of mildly kinky sex thrown in to keep the boys interested.

The Specialist category was won by Pepys’ Diary. Again, it’s an amazing undertaking – matching an entry of Pepys’ with the day and providing space to comment on it. It’s in my sidebar after all. I love it and think it’s wonderful but again, not exactly new writing is it?

A couple of the winners look very much like Friends Of The Judges – more so than last year. But enough of my sour grapes. Easties Blogspot’s audience is pretty diverse, and we’re big enough to get Googled, and small enough to still enjoy ourselves.


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