Idle hands…

Well, this is my second official day of maternity leave and while I’m not exactly bored, I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to do now. I spent most of yesterday sleeping because I don’t have to panic any more about not sleeping at night. Why does the heartburn affect my sleeping at night, but not during the day? This doesn’t make sense.

I’ve got plenty of things to be going on with. I’ve got to make and sort out all the Xmas cards, do the rest of the Xmas shopping because we’re not going to get the chance to do it at the weekends, thanks to various family members wishing to honour us with their presence. I’ve got to go through my monthly finances and cancel all frivolous direct debits. I’ve got to make the Shane Ritchie crying calendar and do all the laundry and housework. Then I’ve got to start planning the extra cooking stuff when we’re too tired from baby stuff to cook.

New cafe bar called “Bar Story” has opened in Peckham. We tried it out last night, and while the place itself is a bit…ummm….unfinished, the food and service were lovely. Mr P handed an H22 CD to the manager, just in case he might consider getting a music licence. The manager played it on the bar stereo. Twice. I don’t think they’ll get anything out of it, but you never know…


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