No Rock and Roll Fun‘s take on Jamie Cullum:

. Since his commercials started appearing on television every five minutes, he’s become the first jazz musician we’ve ever added to our list of ‘pop people who will be made to pay for their crimes when we become president.’

OK, to clarify. Horizon 22 played support to Jamie Cullum at the Jazz Cafe last year, and managed to scare off what was left of the audience before he came on. Well, to be fair, the audience seemed to be bunch of Japanese students who had come to see the slightly cracked Sino-Japanese funk combo who played first, plus H22’s bass player’s brothers.

At that time he was still doing something approaching jazz – well, the conventional ensemble playing ten-minute funknoodle workouts plus a bit of singing. He’s a nice guy, and a good singer/piano player. But from what I’ve heard of this album, even Courtney at his most generous would be hard-pushed to call it jazz. We don’t want another bloody Harry Connick Jr in a Diesel t-shirt doing wine bar standards: we want something interesting, funky and joyful to listen and dance to. Like H22 in fact ;-), or old Corduroy, or Courtney, or anything other than the godawfully dull whiteboy post-bop noodlings that litter the current club scene.

Oh, and Rachel Stevens must die: she used the head to Andy Warhol in that godawful Funky Dory single, and then referred artfully to it throughout…


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