Guardian Unlimited Sport | Diary | That was the fortnight that was – I hadn’t noticed this before, but I did wonder what Swells was up to these days. I particularly like his comment about Beckham:

Let’s face it: Beckham IS ace. He’s hard, he’s clever, and he’s brilliant. And he’s better than you. Yes, you. No, don’t look round, Don’t assume that I’m referring to some generic “you”, I mean you. Specifically. And if you don’t like Dave then, I’m sorry, that means that you are almost certainly a sad, jealous, self-loathing, closet homosexual.

I found the link to Swells’ Gruan column at Freaky Trigger – a kind of uber group blog affair that has all kinds of opinionated blogstuff on it. Another article-that-will-never-get-written formulates itself in my head.