another Burgh Island pic Hmmm…how odd. I’ve been involved in a rambling, completely logic-free argument with a mad old bloke who’s a regular on one of my online fora (only the right people know where it is, and I’m certainly not linking to it from here). Last night he really pissed me off, so I posted something that switched his selective citation technique back on him and basically accused him of racism (it’s the unthinking racism of the old-fashioned type that can’t understand why people make such a fuss about a silly thing like equal opportunities). He seems to really have taken offence at that and decided to shun me. I don’t feel like apologising either. He’s been so smug and offensive in the past that a dose of his own medicine should do him a world of good.

Notified my boss that I will be starting maternity leave on Monday 8 December. I had hoped to do a week or so more than that, but the journey into work is getting hellish enough at this stage, god only knows how bad it’ll be when I’m much bigger.

Got Issue Zero of the London News Review, and read it on the way to work. Not bad. The layout, repro quality and general design is a bit cheap, but so far the words and pictures are very good. Read an interesting Jeremy Hardy column – I can deal with him as long as he’s not doing his Tiocfadh ar la nonsense; and a rather moving feature on Afghanistan. It’s a bit like Private Eye without the spite.

Easties Update is enjoying a surge in popularity, with between 50 and 100 visits per day this week (Mark and I only expected about 10 people to visit a week if we were lucky).

It’s something to do with BBC America axeing EE from its schedules, I think. The diehard fans want to know what happens with The Return of Dirty Den (or O-Den as we call him). We’ve been namechecked on a couple of popular TV fora, which has pushed the figures up. And we’re even getting people from Japan and Russia checking us out. Is this good enough for cult status, I ask myself? I’m reminded of Beowulf calling himself a “cult hero” (only half-ironically) because a couple of people told him his poems were great.