Just finished uploading some digital shots taken while attending N&R’s wedding at the Burgh Island hotel, a 1930s hotel in South Devon. The place is quite amazing. It’s an almost untouched art-deco hotel from the seaside holiday boom of the early 20th century. The owners are gradually restoring the place, but in the meantime guests can soak up the ambience and pretend to be louche Wodehouse or Coward characters in the mirrored Palm Court lounge(for a price, and a pretty high one at that).

We had the Eddystone – about half the size of our flat, with a living room, balcony, bathroom and huge bedroom. Antique walnut veneer furniture throughout, and the most lovely coloured glass bathroom tiles. I also liked the chrome heated towel rail, until I saw my naked reflection in it and was reminded of an old Manic Street Preachers’ album cover.

The wedding was beautiful – and we all enjoyed ourselves, especially the bride and groom.