old wedding pic How weird. I just wrote a rambling post on the weather (praying quietly for rain); and touching on my of my pet subjects (writers’ attitudes to mixed-race communities in post-colonial societies – we’re devious, neurotic, troublesome, far too clever for our own good and culturally, intellectually and emotionally confused because we have been “contaminated” with the cultural mores and ambitions of the colonial oppressors, who happen to have been our dads. We also make damn good cricketers, I might add). pressed Post & Publish, and it disappeared.

Had to buy a maternity swimsuit yesterday. Oh the shame! The Peckham branch of Mothercare was the only shop in Rye Lane with air conditioning, so Mr P and I loitered around the prams until we felt solid again. It’s even hotter today, and I had to rest about six times on the way back from the Farmer’s Market (it’s a ten minute walk). Apparently the weather has broken up north, and Hartlepool is being engulfed by monsoons.