little bugger still looks fine to me All praise Posie the cat-loving genius! Frank and Joey were both indicating hunger (loud yowling from Joey and pestering behaviour from Frank), but they were turning their noses up at the usual Sainsbury’s tinned food. Posie suggested a giving them a little bio yogurt. We had a jar of not-very-nice organic yogurt from the farmer’s market, so we tried a spoonful out on them. Both cats licked the bowl clean. Then I mashed up Joey’s antibiotic into the yogurt, which turned a very pretty, delicate shade of pink, and Joey still licked the bowl clean. Rejoice!

They are now dining on bio yogurt topped M&S cat biscuits and Joey has antibiotic seasoning. Joey is allowing me to approach him in the garden, but then politely moves away when I stroke him.

Hotter than a very hot place yesterday. We were supposed to go to my cousin’s final farewell dinner, but transport problems and the fact that my legs were swollen up like a pair of footballs prevented us. I went home and lay on the sofa with my fat little feet waving in the breeze. I can feel them growing now.


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