It’s a beautiful evening, and I’m indoors, feeling rotten. CJ decided to play up this morning when I had the temerity to think about having a bowl of muesli for breakfast. Two minutes after having that thought, my head was in the toilet again, and I’ve been feeling awful ever since. Still, I went to work in the morning, and got a few things done before giving up and coming home again. I used this afternoon to snooze and write my application for my job. All I could think of doing was write down what I’ve done since I joined last year. I made a specific attempt not to mention the nastiness, the bullying, the politicking and emphasise the positive.

I took a break to sort out the dreadful smell coming from the dustbin (some old chicken had escaped from a bin bag and rotted at the bottom of the bin). M has hidden the bleach, so I used Dettoll in very large quantities instead. The bin and the back of the garden now smell of rotten, disinfected chicken. Add that to the aroma of upstairs’ smoke, chuck in thoughts of eating muesli, and I might never leave the bathroom again.