Saw another house last night which Mr P fell instantly in love with. I just looked at the amount of work to be done (mainly decorating/kitchen and bathroom stuff – nothing major) and shuddered.

Still nothing on the buyer front,but it only went online a couple of days ago, so it’s early days. One potential private buyer might be interested, if he can be bothered to turn up.

BB4. Two evictions this week. The lovely Jon (I have joined Jon’s Geek Army); spooky Godbothering fish fancier Cameron and Fed Finhead. Fed Finhead has now given up all hope of winning and is just mooching around, sulking and slagging the others (apart from Jon, who he seems to like). Cameron is flirting outrageously with the girlies (who I wholly despise now – groupthinking little bullies. Usually I like at least one of the BB girls, but this year, they’re all vile).