Hmph…Easties Updates seems to be getting a bit of a following. Which is nice.

Most of the weekend was spent hmm-ing politely at other peoples’ houses, doing all those poxy little finishing-off jobs on our place and snoring in the sun (I blame the hay fever). I’ve got a slight bump that leans ever so slightly to the right. Lard distributes itself fairly evenly across the stomach region, but this is a definite right-leaning bump I’ve got here. Hope that means the kid won’t be a Tory.

“Mrs S…the test results are all in. Little CJ is clear of all major birth defects except one. Mrs S…your child is a Conservative!”

When it’s tidy, the flat looks rather pleasant. Here’s hoping that a potential buyer thinks the same way and is prepared to fork out many many thousands for the privilege.

BB4 is finally starting to get good. Fed Finhead is showing signs of depression and has begun alienating the housemates with his strange pronouncements on women and general pompous bungling. Sissy the Scouser was evicted on Friday, and she’s still not happy about it.