Today’s 6Music lost album: Death in Vegas’s The Contino Sessions. Hmmm..

Haven’t mentioned being pregnant for a while. I lay in bed last night and felt a definite bump. It’s quite hard and springy, not squidgy like flab. The flab seems to have climbed into the stomach area, and is sitting just under my enormous tit-monster breasts.

On the good side, my morning sickness seems to be subsiding (thought I had a relapse this morning, but it was OK). I’ve been a lot brighter and less jittery over the past couple of days, and I’ve been sleeping OK.

I’ve been eating about a pound of fresh fruit every evening (good thing it’s summer) with a dab of yogurt, so I’m getting a good vit c intake and healthy bacteria too. I’ve managed to keep up the not-drinking/smoking thing, but I’m finding it hard not to just snack and avoid proper meals when M’s not about. So, I’m sticking to oatcakes and cottage cheese with a bit of salad if it’s about. Thank god I haven’t gone off garlic, or I’d be really stuck.