Missed Big Brother last night. The football (plus a tough day at work) sent me off to sleep just after Michael Owen’s strategic dive penalty.

From what I can gather, however, the HMs failed their latest test (learn a tune to play on handbells without actually knowing the notes or time signature, using a numbered chart as a guide). But they were doomed to failure as the only musically experienced HM (Cameron) refused to take the lead in case he became unpopular – just as Jon is unpopular with the HMs because he’s a bossy geek. Well, at least Fed Finhead wasn’t responsible, for once. They’re all living on chickpeas and rice for another week, though.

Fed Finhead, Jon and Sissy the Scouser are up for eviction this week. Sissy the Scouser started off as a bright, bossy party girl, but over the past couple of weeks she has transmuted into a whiny little emotional blackmailer. I can’t decide who is more unpleasant; Sissy or Finhead. Jon just needs somebody to argue with,

The others are still fairly anonymous. Ray is turning out to be a bit of an uber-lad. He has started arguing with Finhead and jostling for the girls’ attention. Nush the hippy chick brings a new dimension to the term: “passive aggressive”. I rather like Steph, because now her hair’s growing out, she looks a bit like my cousin Ali, only not as pretty. She’s a bit of a cipher though. Gos the chef seems OK, a little socially inadequate perhaps. Scott and Tania don’t do enough to merit notice.

Work. I’m acting on the advice of a counsellor friend, and trying not to let the situation stress me out. I’ve officially told the head of Personnel about my “condition”, and given him a tenative date for maternity leave. It’s funny, but sometimes I feel quite normal. Then I feel my belly and realise that no, things really are changing.


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