Oh yeah, Big Brother. Well, the reason I haven’t been posting anything about BB is a) I’ve had a couple of other things on my mind (see below); and b) they’re so dull.

You have Jon, the geeky LOTR/Star Wars fanatic who is quite intelligent, but he’s a geek, fer chrissakes.

Then there are at least two fin-heads, one of which is a twat who likes to do silly voices and wind up the BB staff; the other is so anonymous the only thing I know about him is that he once wrote a play for Radio 4 and he’s a Scouser. The women are all fairly anonymous. Nush the Hippie chick is turning out to be a little more intelligent that I first gave her credit, but the others are all people I would have a nice time at a party with, then forget utterly.

What else, we have a slightly pervy chef; an anonymous Irish bloke who none of the women like much, for unspecified reasons; and a Scottish Baptist who is turning out to be a bit of a passive/aggressive whinger.

Now that they’ve settled into the house, things might get a bit more interesting. There is already a boys/girls schism, and Jon the geek is increasingly unpopular. I’ll keep you posted.